Polychat Illustrations

A series of 17 images I've illustrated for the signup pages of a customer service app called Polychat.

Family Illustration

A couple of family portrait commissions I had the pleasure to work on this Spring. Colored pencils on paper, scanned and edited in Photoshop.

Pink Ladies

Another sketchbook doodle turned into an illustration experiment.

Cute Raccoon

Another on-going personal project featuring a cute raccoon as a main character.

Real Cows of Milka Portrait Entry

My entry for Milka's portrait contest. I chose a more a traditional painterly approach (but digital) with a focus on the face. In the end they went with a more decorative style.

Big Eyes Kitty

You can watch the video of how I made the first drawing on my Youtube channel.


An experiment. Took a random pencil sketch from my sketchbook, and painted the rest in Photoshop. I filled in the base color (even using the pen tool for precise curves) then added one dark and one light tone variation of each color. An attempt to simplify my work process.


Illustrations created for the occasion of Women's Day 2020. Mixed media (brown fineliner along with watercolor/digital color) representing a spring fairy and popular musician Grimes.

Bath Kitty

An original illustration continuing the last drawing with Kitty (and makes for a potential series). Originally created for Valentine's Day 2020, it supports the idea and self-care and self-love for all the single kitties.

Old Townhouse

This was an unfinished drawing in a sketchbook from 2012 and I finally decided to finish it. Mostly I only used a brown fineliner to complete some of the windows and doors. The reference I used is an old townhouse in my city.